Quality You can trust

Years of experience in vaccination and practical fish farming.

Fish vaccination

Our methods are a result of many years of experience, in cooperation with some of Norway’s leading experts in fish health.

Vaccination based on minimal contact with the fish during injection of the needle, combined with a thorough training in quality, speed and cooperation within the team, are the foundations for a satisfying result. Our employees are trained to be especially conscious of  hygiene at the work place.

Provacc AS offers teams of 4 to 6 vaccinators, adapted to the customer’s needs. Our vaccinators have a capacity of 2000 up to as much as 4000 fish per hour, which gives a good amount after 10 hour work days.

Every team have a team leader, performing as the link to the operations manager at the farm. The team leader is responsible for all parts of the vaccination, such as organisation, quality control and reporting to the operations manager at the site.



We have a broad knowledge about the necessary conditions for successful vaccination, from the points of view of fish farmers and vaccinators both.


Our employees will have a basic understanding of the operation of a modern fish farm, the physiology of the fish and security procedures concerning situations that may arise.


Adapting to our customers' needs and optimize our systems in order to create the best possible results.

Our Quality

We are convinced that the key to deliver quality services is in the details. This thinking is integral to the daily operation in all parts of our organisation.

As an example, we have developed an improved version of the vaccination gun itself, which means that we probably have the most exacting equipment on the market both in terms of application of dosages and counting. Amongst these improvements is our development of a counting system based on neodymium magnets.

In cooperation between our Technical Managers, HSE representatives and team leaders, we have designed an internal revision system for use during vaccination at the sites. This is to ensure both ourselves and our clients that the vaccination work is held to the highest standard in terms of quality and security.

We strongly value education and training of our employees. In combination with good personal terms, this provides us with highly motivated employees that prides themselves in performing an excellent day’s work – every day.

By implementing  the ISO 26000 standard of social responsibility in our daily operation, we wish to make our customers and employees both secure in the knowledge that we are aware of our responsibility.

About Provacc

We are Norwegian vaccination company that  has been founded in March 2011. We combine years of experience in vaccination and practical fish farming, something that enables us to create a unique quality of service. Quality you can trust. Our employees are characterised by professionalism and passion. Most have many years of experience in the Norwegian market, something that has won their trust by Norwegian fish farmers, veterinarians and vaccine producers. We are proud to be part of the production chain leading to the exquisite quality product that is Norwegian farmed salmon.

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We focus on building good relations with our customers, business-like as well as personal. By pursuing long term relations, we wish to succeed in our common endeavour: To continually improve the quality, sustainability and social responsibility of the fish farming business.

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General Manager

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Operations Manager

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Excellent day’s work – every day.

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